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Office Products/ 6800B

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PC’s cost a lot of money, why leave yours sitting around on the floor? Elevate your desktop computer to where it’s meant to be with a 6800B under desk CPU stand and you’ll enjoy a more comfortable computing space, better access to your drives and ports, and quieter, safer use of your PC.

Unfortunately we don’t all have executive, ping-pong table sized desks. Most are small and cramped, especially when you’re find room for a bulky desktop computer. With the 6800B under desk CPU stand you’ll be able to mount your PC tower on an under desk CPU holder instead of leaving it on the floor to take up your foot space. Use this CPU holder and you’ll finally have room to stretch!

Our under desk CPU stand will also provide better access to your PC’s drives and ports. Mounted on this CPU holder your CD and DVD ROM drives will be in easy reach. You won’t have to dig so much to reach the ports on the rear of your tower either, since your PC will sit on the CPU holder above and away from most the natural cable clutter!

Mounted safely in our CPU holder your PC will receive superior ventilation than it would not set in an under desk CPU stand. Better ventilation reduces the risk of overheating, increases the live span of your parts, and gives your cooling fans a break—making your computer a much quieter place! Our under desk CPU stand also sets your expensive machine out of the way of dirt, dust, bugs, spills, and other common problems.

Once you’ve installed your under desk CPU stand you’ll never go back! Your CPU holder will keep your computer safer and better ventilated, nearer to hand for drive and port access, and comfortably off your floor and desk space.

Technical Specs
Product Number: 6800B
Compatible with PC: 13" to 19" Height 6.3" to 8.6" Width
Support Weight: 65lbs (30kgs)
[caption id="attachment_776" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Dimensions Sheet: Click on Picture Above to Enlarge"]PC Mounting Kit[/caption] Click here for 6800B Instruction Sheet