What is VESA?

Not to be confused with the credit card, VESA is the mounting standard used to describe the way a lcd monitor or plasma tv fits to a lcd stand, wall bracket, or wall mount. The VESA pattern is a universally accepted standard by all major monitor and tv manufacturers. To determine the type of VESA pattern that you have, you must look at the back of the screen. You will notice a square or rectangular pattern with mounting screw wholes in each corner. The most common standards you will find are VESA 75 (75mm x 75mm), VESA 100 (100mm x 100mm), VESA 200 (200mm x 200mm). Depending on the pattern you have, you must choose a mount that has that pattern. Most MonMount LCD stands and mounts support VESA 75 and 100 patterns.

Samsung, Sony, Philips, Dell, HP, Viewsonic, Asus and all other Plasma and LCD TV’s manufacturers and distributors which are VESA compatible typically use these standards on almost every screen manufactured. There are rare cases of screens that do not have a pattern. You always want to check before purchasing a stand just in case. Screens that do not have such a pattern are not recommended for mounting with an lcd stand or mount.

Will my screen work with a MonMount Stand/Mount?

To measure the type of standard you have, just turn your screen so you can see the back and use a ruler or measuring stick that can measure in millimeters. If you only have inches, use the following calculation as a guide 1 inch = 25.4 mm.

3 Inch Square is approximately VESA 75
75mm by 75mm

4 Inch Square is approximately VESA 100
100mm by 100mm

8 Inches by 4 Inches VESA Standard
200mm x 100mm

8 Inches by 8 Inches VESA Standard
200mm x 200mm

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